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DNA in Austin, TX North

DNA Testing for Businesses

Whether you need to verify paternity for court proceedings or create a DNA profile, our comprehensive DNA testing covers your business, medical, legal, forensic, and judicial needs. Our technicians are trained and qualified so that all results are court-admissible.


Employee DNA Profiles

Our Comprehensive DNA profiling service helps to identify employees in the event of an emergency.

Legal DNA Testing

Lab technicians here at ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North are versed in the steps of chain of custody, so you can feel confident that DNA results are admissible legally in the following:

  • Estate matters
  • Inheritance issues
  • Birth certificates
  • Infidelity confirmation for divorce proceedings
  • Life insurance claims
  • Tax forms
  • Child custody hearings
  • Child support claims

All DNA testing procedures comply with the chain of custody guidelines. Additionally, we work with AABB-accredited labs.

Why Partner With ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North for DNA Testing?

We deliver reliable results that are confidential and accurate. From the very beginning, you will work with skilled technicians who understand the methods that are needed to produce court-admissible results.

We’re all you need for DNA testing with our AABB-accredited laboratory partners and a nationwide network of collection sites.

Learn More About Our Testing Services

For comprehensive & court-admissible DNA testing services, find your nearest ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North location!