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Employee DNA Profiles in Austin, TX North

Employee DNA Profiles in [location]

Verifying Identity

In recent years, DNA profiling has become cost-effective enough for private companies to use. When biometric scans are insufficient or impractical, ARCpoint Labs of [location] provides convenient DNA fingerprinting services. Many of us are used to biometric scans by now for ID validation; DNA profiling adds another layer of verification, further safeguarding your facility. Employees recruited from abroad can receive a buccal swab in their country of origin, and ARCpoint Lab’s verifiable chain of custody procedures will stand the test of judicial and federal guidelines.

DNA Profiling

ARCpoint Labs of [location] uses a technique of DNA fingerprinting that captures a specific set of DNA bands that will positively differentiate subjects from everyone else in the world–except an identical twin, of course! Employers may later use this profile to confirm identities in extreme cases such as suspected identity fraud, to identify the remains of missing personnel, immigration cases, or remote ID validation for staff working on high-profile projects.

Employee Identification

Sadly, a small cluster of industries faces employee fatalities often enough that DNA profiling may be the only way to later identify the remains of their personnel. ARCpoint Labs of [location] offers DNA profiling collection services that can bring your people back to their loved ones and colleagues to say goodbye properly. When a colleague is suspected dead, the only solace possible for friends and relatives is the timely return of their loved one’s remains. ARCpoint Labs of [location] gives businesses the ability to positively identify a lost employee’s remains.

Why ARCpoint Labs of [location] for Immigration DNA Testing?

Whether using ARCpoint to vet immigrants for the government or verifying the identification of an immigrant hire, count on ARCpoint to protect the integrity of all DNA profiles using a verifiable chain of custody that meets government and judicial standards. Additionally, ARCpoint Labs of [location] has labs nationwide and international partners in the field of DNA immigration testing, so ARCpoint Labs of [location] can handle even the most complex projects.

For more information about our DNA profiling services, find an ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North location near you.

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