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Consortium Services in Austin, TX North

DOT Drug Testing Using Consortium Services

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that drivers submit to random drug testing. Through a consortium, which is a pool of drivers from different companies, drivers are chosen to participate in the random screenings.

Why Should My Company Join a Consortium?

The DOT requires that companies with eight drivers or less be enrolled in a consortium pool. If a company has more than eight drivers, they can choose between a consortium pool or a stand-alone pool.

Why Consortium Testing?

Using consortium testing pools streamlines the screening process for your company and ensures that you are complying with DOT rules and regulations.

National Pool

Smaller companies and those with eight drivers or less must use a national pool to comply with DOT regulations for random drug testing.

Stand-Alone Pool

Larger companies and those with more than eight drivers have the ability to use a stand-alone pool for random drug test screenings.

Streamlining the DOT Drug Testing Process

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX Northis knowledgeable in DOT rules and regulations. With over 25 years of experience, we can help your company navigate through the drug testing process, making it simple and easy.

Why Choose ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North?

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the industry. Our labs can provide all the tools needed to facilitate drug and alcohol testing to meet DOT regulations. We have the necessary infrastructure to assist smaller companies that are looking for easy and affordable ways to handle drug testing.

We can help your business set up a consortium. When you establish a consortium through ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North, you will be able to receive all necessary pre-employment and random screenings required through DOT. We will also provide your staff with training by providing a thorough background and explanation of the policies and procedures needed to comply with DOT regulations.

ARCpoint Labs provides accurate, reliable, and confidential testing services. Let us assist you with your DOT testing needs.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.