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National Pool in [location] in Austin, TX North

How a Consortium National Pool Works

A consortium national pool consists of employees from several different companies put together for random drug screening. This is done to increase the number of employees in a random drug testing program. For companies with more than one employee subject to random DOT drug screening, they may choose a consortium pool or a stand-alone pool. For companies with only one employee, the consortium pool is required under DOT regulations.

DOT Testing Using a Consortium National Pool

All companies that fall under the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations must submit their employees for random drug testing. ARCpoint Labs of [location] can provide your company with a consortium national pool for random drug testing. A consortium national pool offers the advantage of a larger random drug and alcohol testing pool for smaller companies with fewer employees.

DOT Testing with ARCpoint Labs of [location]

To find out more about DOT testing, contact the professionals at ARCpoint Labs of [location].