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Alcohol Screening in Austin, TX North

Alcohol Screening

Reliable Alcohol Screening for the Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance is offered by ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North. We’re an organization you can trust when it comes to conducting DOT-compliant alcohol testing. Our staff is well-experienced in doing drug and substance testing for organizations that have compliance duties to the DOT. Our background covers every factor included in alcohol screening processes for DOT compliance.

 Alcohol Screening for Requirement Completion

We are committed to helping you comply with DOT rules and keep up with the new regulations from the DOT regarding alcohol testing.

Here at ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North, we keep stringent alcohol testing standards at the top of our list. Among the things that we take into account are the backgrounds of the professionals doing the testing, the training they underwent, documents that need to be presented during the processes and the technology and procedures used in required testing.

Alcohol Screening Through Breath

Some organization may choose breath-type alcohol testing for convenience. We have Breath Alcohol Technicians and Screening Testing Technicians who can successfully carry out a breath-type alcohol testing. For your convenience, we can provide mobile alcohol testing on your chosen site for different purposes including pre-employment screening, post-accident investigation, confirmation of suspicion, etc.

You can trust us to provide professional specimen collection and testing services.

 Saliva-Type Alcohol Screening

Aside from delivering accurate and reliable results from our saliva alcohol testing services, we carry out our testing procedures in a way that does not make the subjects uncomfortable. Our specialists are not only trained to test the subjects for the presence of alcohol but also for other substances.

To get more information about our DOT-compliant alcohol and substance testing, contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North and receive accurate and privacy-friendly services.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.