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Breath Alcohol in Austin, TX North

DOT Breath Alcohol Screening

Any organization regulated by the DOT must meet a requirement to test for drugs and alcohol in a way that meets standards for the DOT. This can include screening for breath alcohol.

Austin, TX North’s ARCpoint Labs facility is staffed with specialists in performing screening who are knowledgeable in alcohol screening requirements for the DOT. We’d like to provide you with industry-standard testing for alcohol.

Trained Breath Alcohol & Screening Test Technicians

We give you access to test technicians who have been well-trained in drug screening and breath alcohol testing. Our staff ensures DOT standards are upheld by training and employing specialized Breath Alcohol Technicians and Screening Test Technicians. Technicians operate a screening or breath testing device that they’ve been thoroughly trained to use properly.

Our technicians can speak directly with your staff and offer guidance in understanding breath alcohol testing procedures. We have a wealth of information about collecting and testing as well as the procedures involved.

The Federal Alcohol Testing Form

This specifies which testing sites are allowed to be used as well as the proper equipment and supplies. It also provides alcohol screening confirmation information, problems which may occur during screening or testing and the responsibilities of our agents.

We’re also cognizant of the methods for administering our tests accurately and reliably including the use of clean equipment.

More About Us

For more information about the testing and screening services we provide, contact us in Austin, TX Northtoday!