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Return to Duty Testing in Austin, TX North

Return to Duty Testing

Any employee of a DOT-associated employer who has tested positive for drugs or alcohol has to take a full DOT-administered return-to-duty test. This test was made mandatory by DOT in 2009, and subjected employee must pass the process before returning to work with any DOT-associated employer.

Subjected employees (and also those who have refused to take a scheduled drug test) are required to submit urine samples while under direct observation (same-gender eyewitness) to ensure authenticity of the sample.

Direct observation procedure requires employees to perform the following steps during the time of urine sample collection:

  • Raise their shirt/dress above waistline
  • Pull pants and underwear to ankles
  • Turn front of genital-exposed body towards eyewitness (if body is not in such position already)

In order to ensure the employee is not cheating on the administered test, such actions must take place. All appointed eyewitnesses practice professional procedure performances in regards to such matters.

Expect ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North personnel to exhibit professionalism and respect you deserve during your return to duty testing.

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