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DOT Physicals in Austin, TX North

A Few Facts

  • A licensed medical examiner is required to administer a DOT physical examination to comply with DOT requirements.
  • A physical examination by DOT is valid for up to two years. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure may cause your medical examiner to issue your certificate for less than two years.
  • You will be given a certificate and a copy of your physical examination results showing the examination was passed by your medical examiner once you have been found physically capable of driving a commercial motor vehicle.

Nationally-Registered Examinations

All individuals conducting physical examinations for drivers of commercial motor vehicles must be found to be properly registered, certified and trained under the regulations of the Department of Transportation.

DOT Physicals

Any individual driving a commercial motor vehicle is required under federal law to receive a regular physical examination. These exams are regulated and determine the emotional, physical and mental readiness of a commercial driver. Complex federal regulations apply to DOT physicals, and medical examiners receive training to fully understand these regulations.

Receiving a DOT physical on a regular basis ensures drivers have adhered to the laws and prevent drivers from being considered unfit in an accident.

Your DOT Physicals Partners

Individuals needing a DOT physical exam can contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North to arrange a DOT physical examination. Physical examinations can often be scheduled at the same time and place as other testings required by DOT such as alcohol or drug examinations.

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North works nationwide, and we have a wide network in order to stay current on the latest information on DOT physicals. This includes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s newest forms. Your compliance with all DOT regulations is ensured so you as well as your drivers are completely qualified to drive commercially.

Receive More Information Regarding Our Testing Services

Prove your road-readiness by contacting ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North for all your required DOT physicals.