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Drug Testing Requirements in Austin, TX North

Drug Testing Requirements for DOT

There’s a strict outline regarding the requirements for drug testing from the Department of Transportation. These apply to all individuals in the transportation industry in safety-sensitive positions. These requirements include:

  • Keeping records of the final results
  • Collection procedures for breath alcohol
  • Urine sample collection
  • Reporting
  • Laboratory procedures
  • All regulations in the DOT’s rule 49 CFR Part 40 must be read

Federal Motor Carrier Safety

Drug testing protocol from the FMCSA must be adhered to if your organization is regulated by them.

Federal Transit Administration

The FTA’s main goal is the development of new systems for transit to maintain and improve existing systems.

Federal Aviation Administration

All aspects of aerospace systems in the country including requirements for safety are regulated by the FAA.

Federal Railroad Administration

Reliable and safe transportation requires drug-free, reliable and safe workers.

Coast Guard

Maritime stewardship, security and safety is enforced by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety

Performing work on pipelines is risky, and there is a lot at stake. Workers who are drug free are critical to the integrity of the pipelines.

Alcohol Testing Requirements

Employees in roles considered safety-sensitive are required to adhere to a strict protocol for alcohol testing by the Department of Transportation.

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North is a qualified service provider for drug testing by DOT.

We are a Third Party Provider available on a full-service basis for urine collections for DOT testing. The specimens are collected on-site in our facility or can be performed at the collection site by our mobile team.

The Department of Health and Human Services has outlined procedures we follow precisely. Only SAMHSA qualified laboratories are used for DOT drug tests. Every step we take is accurate and follows the safeguards required to protect passengers and drivers.

Receive More Information Regarding Our Testing Services

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