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On-Site & Audit Services in Austin, TX North

DOT Audit & On-Site Services

A partnership with ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North will help your organization maintain compliance with the guidelines established by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

ARCpoint Labs conducts mobile on-site drug testing. Our auditor’s DOT experience, knowledge of the DOT testing procedures, and equipment used ensures our clients are prepared for DOT compliance audits.

24/7 Emergency Services

At each of our nationwide locations, ARCpoint Labs is available 24/7 to meet the DOT requirements of providing continuous emergency testing services . . .

Maintaining DOT Compliance

Being prepared is the key to ensuring your organization becomes and remains DOT compliant. ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North can assist with that preparation. . .

On-Location DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

For your convenience, ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North sends technicians who are qualified in DOT-collections and testing in your location . . .

Audit Preparation and Mobile Services Compliance

No one can predict when it will become necessary to conduct emergency drug testing or when their organization will be picked for a DOT audit.

By partnering with ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North, you gain the confidence of always being in a state of readiness to comply with all DOT guidelines which includes immediate drug and alcohol testing following an accident. ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North, assists with DOT testing without delay. Knowing your organization’s DOT compliance readiness allows you to focus on other business responsibilities.

DOT Audits Key Factors

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates organizations that employ individuals who transport people or property if the gross vehicle rating or combination weight rating is over 10,000 lbs. All organizations regulated by the FMCSA are subject to a DOT audit.

The DOT compliance audit includes the following examination areas:

  • Accidents
  • Driver
  • General
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Operational
  • Vehicle
  • The Importance of DOT On-Site Testing

DOT Preparation Requirements

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North’s on-site testing services provide quick and convenient drug and alcohol testing with minimum disruptions to an organization. When employees don’t have to travel for testing, they will save time, reduce their risk of liability and be available to return to work sooner.

Be Prepared for Your DOT Needs

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North can be trusted with your entire DOT testing and DOT audit preparation. We have the equipment, regulatory knowledge, and ability to handle your on-site testing and DOT audit preparation.

Work with a team that’s experienced in DOT audit preparation and on-site testing; contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North today.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.