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Drug & Alcohol in Austin, TX North

Reliable Drug Screening and Alcohol Testing for Your Workplace

If you’re in need of accurate, reliable, and confidential drug testing or alcohol testing for your business, we’ve got the solution you’re looking for.

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North services a number of court systems, businesses, schools, and DOT-regulated organizations and corporations across the country.

Alcohol Screening & Drug Testing Services

Our lab is up-to-date with the latest technologies in drug and alcohol testing. Clients may request any of the following drug and alcohol collection methods from ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North:

Types of Drug Testing

There are many reasons why someone would request drug testing services. Depending on your needs, ARCpoint Labs can help identify the right method to employ to meet your goals.

Types of Alcohol Testing

Alcohol abuse testing can be tricky, and it’s critical that you carefully analyze the various methods available to ensure you find one that will provide you the most accurate results. The trained staff at ARCpoint Labs can help you achieve just that.

Workplace Testing

Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace can cost business owners money and put other team members in danger. Our staff is here with you every step of the way. From pre-employment and randoms to reasonable suspicion and more, we can help you maintain a drug-free environment.

Mobile & On-site Testing

ARCpoint Labs understands that circumstances vary. If your subject can’t make it to our labs, we can come to you with our mobile lab, saving you from lost productivity and better ensuring tamper-free results.  

Social/Family Testing

Our children are the future, and parents must do what they can to ensure they aren’t exposed to drug and alcohol abuse. Our staff has the tools to detect passive exposure that reveals when children are in environments where drug use is present.

Academics/Athletics Testing

ARCpoint Labs understands what to look for in teen drug use, and we have the tools to ensure you can get to the bottom or suspected use.

Common Abused Drugs

ARCpoint Labs employs highly-trained technicians, and our facilities are SAMSHA-certified. You can rest assured that we know what to look for as we keep up with the latest trends in abuse and can identify various indicators.

Prescription Monitoring

A growing number of patients are turning to abuse of their prescription drugs, and we take pride in partnering with physicians to keep these occurrences under control.

A Nation-Wide Testing Provider You Can Count On

ARCpoint Labs provides quality drug and alcohol testing services on a national level. Just some of the options you can count on include:

  • Mobile testing
  • On-site testing
  • Lab-based testing

A Drug and Alcohol Testing Partner with Credentials

You want to make sure your drug and alcohol testing partner has credentials you can count on, and you can enjoy the fact that ARCpoint Labs locations are preferred collection sites for Quest Diagnostics and network collection sites for LabCorp. We strictly follow the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association’s standards, and our labs are SAMHSA-certified. You can rest assured that your testing will meet legal guidelines.

Accurate, Reliable, Confidential Drug & Alcohol Testing

ARCpoint Labs makes it our goal to ensure we are able to determine the solutions that will meet your needs and budget. That’s why we consider various components such as the time frame you’re testing, what you’re trying to detect, and so much more. We also understand the value of innovation, and that’s why we are continually learning about new methods to increase efficiency.

You can count on us to stand true to our promise to provide accurate, reliable, and confidential services. Our professional staff can be trusted with confidentiality whether working in the workplace, school, DOT or on an individual basis.

Learn More About Our Testing Services

ARCpoint Labs can help you create a positive and safe environment, so contact us today to see how we can utilize our experience for you.