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Common Abused Drugs in Austin, TX North

Commonly Abused Drugs

Whether you are hiring new employees and want to assure they aren’t abusing drugs or suspect a current employee may be under the influence, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. A marijuana test, for example, won’t detect cocaine. The qualified technicians at ARCpoint Labs in Austin, TX North can help you determine the signs and symptoms of commonly abused drugs to help you decide what solution meets your needs.


Alcohol is legal in the vast majority of areas in our country. While most are capable of drinking responsibly, there are those who over-imbibe, and this can cause serious problems in the workplace. Consider that:

  • Binge drinking is considered two drinks or more for men and one or more per day for women.
  • According to [The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism], binge drinking is considered repetitive alcohol consumption that elevates blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels to 0.08% or more. In a single sitting. Male binge drinkers usually consume over five drinks in two hours and females more than four. See more information about [Alcohol Abuse from the CDC.]

At ARCpoint Labs, we offer two testing options to detect alcohol consumption: [oral fluid drug tests] and [breath alcohol tests].



While a number of states are legalizing marijuana, the fact still remains that it is a federally-controlled substance regardless of where you live. At ARCpoint Labs, we offer a variety of testing methods to detect use including:

  • Urine testing
  • Hair testing
  • Fingernail testing
  • Sweat patch testing
  • Oral fluid testing


While “small-town America” typically carries a positive connotation, there is a problem plaguing these areas. Methamphetamine use is a growing issue due to the ease in gaining access to the over-the-counter medications used to create it. ARCpoint Labs understands the many dangers associated with abuse of this drug, and some of the testing methods offered to test for use include:

Prescription Drugs

It can be easy to overlook prescription drug abuse since these substances are recommended by medical professionals to control pain and manage disease. However, the fact remains that hundreds of overdoses result in death every year in our country as a direct result of misuse. The skilled lab technicians at ARCpoint Labs are here to provide accurate, reliable prescription drug testing results.

 Synthetic Drugs and Bath Salts

“Fake” drugs are increasing in popularity, and this is because they are often not viewed by those who use them as drugs. Things like “fake pot” and bath salts provide the user with a drug-like high and can have deadly consequences. While use of synthetic drugs is outlawed by the DEA, many are available for other uses over-the-counter, and this ease in availability adds to their appeal. ARCpoint Labs can offer the accurate [synthetic drug testing] to provide you the answers you’re looking for.

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Testing for commonly abused drugs is available at an ARCpoint Lab of Austin, TX North near you.