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Social/Family Testing in Austin, TX North

Court-Admissible Social Services Testing

Social services agencies provide valuable services to the communities in which they serve, and they often require the use of drug testing services. From employment testing to the provision of services to their clients and more, just some examples of those who have needs for these provisions include:

  • Foster parents
  • Group homes
  • Juvenile officers
  • Social workers


The nature of this type of testing is often very sensitive, and the results ultimately make a significant impact on the lives of the test subjects. Therefore, accuracy and reliability are crucial factors. When you choose to work with ARCpoint Labs in Austin, TX North,, you can rest assured in the fact that you’ll be working with professionals who are well-versed in the latest and most reliable drug testing procedures and protocols. We understand the need to keep families happy and healthy, so call your nearest ARCpoint Labs facility today!

Professional Services in Your Community

ARCpoint Labs is proud to put our combined skills and knowledge to work in assisting social service agencies, courts, law firms, and other organizations all across the United States. Just some cases we have familiarity in handling include:

Lunch & Learn

ARCpoint values passing on our knowledge to help families succeed. That’s why we offer Lunch & Learn on a variety of topics where you can learn a thing or two and receive a free meal in the process . . .

Passive Exposure and Environmental Testing

Family drug abuse can cause serious health concerns for young children and increase their risk of future use, and passive exposure testing can help you determine if a child is in danger . . .

Rohypnol GHB Drug Testing

Rohypnol GHB, better known as “roofies,” are often used in rape cases.. Our services can indicate if this may have happened to you . . .

Teen & Student Testing

The pressure to do well in sports as well as peer pressure can cause our teens to do things that isn’t in their character . . .

Drug Testing for Social Services & Families – ARCpoint Labs

Contact ARCpoint Labs for accurate, reliable and confidential drug testing services for any social services or family application.