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Types of Drug Testing in Austin, TX North

Drug & Alcohol Testing Types

Depending on the industry, there are varying degrees of needs when it comes to drug and alcohol screenings. ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North is able to analyze these needs and identify the solutions that will be ideal for individual circumstances. When you work with their highly-trained technicians, you’ll receive a consultation where options can be discussed to best suit your specific needs. Once this is decided, they put the plan in action in the administration of said testing following proper protocols.

There are a number of ways in which a person can be tested for the presence of drugs and alcohol. While we typically think of urine and blood tests, this can also be achieved through saliva testing, hair tests, sweat patches, and even fingernail testing. Depending on the time frame during which the substances were used, how quickly you need results, and what substances are being tested for, there are methods that will work optimally given the unique circumstances. ARCpoint Labs will ensure you pick the option that is right for you.

Oral Fluid Testing

Oral fluid testing is used when you need information about recent use as its results reveal what’s occurred in the past one to two days . . .

Sweat Patch Drug Testing

Sweat patches provide continual monitoring and aren’t impacted when the wearer is exposed to drugs . . .

Hair Strand Testing

Hair strand testing is a non-invasive approach that offers increased detection capabilities . . .

Passive Exposure

Even if drugs aren’t actively used, even being around use and production can pose serious risks for people of all ages . . .

TPA Collections

A third party administrator (TPA) can help save you time and frustration as they can manage your drug-free program on your behalf. . .

Nail Drug Testing

Nail drug testing is easy,  non-invasive, and can detect long-term abuse . . .

Urine Testing Lab

Urinalysis is very commonly used and cost-effective . . .

ARCpoint Labs Drug Testing

Before initiating a drug test, ask yourself the following:

  • How quickly do I need results?
  • Do I need to know long-term drug use or just the past few days?
  • What sort of drugs am I on the lookout for?
  • Is the person being tested capable of coming to the lab or do I need the to come to me?
  • What are the intended purposes of the drug testing to be administered? (Common uses are for employment, court proceedings).

Knowing the answers to these questions ahead of time can help us optimize the right drug testing protocol for your needs.

ARCpoint Labs Alcohol Testing

When it comes to alcohol testing, use time frame and speed are key. Based on these factors, ARCpoint Labs has many options to help you get the information you need. Some of our testing options include:

  • Urine analysis, including EtG and EtS testing.
  • Oral fluid (saliva) testing.
  • Breath alcohol testing.
  • Blood testing for alcohol.
  • Post-accident (and mobile) alcohol testing.
  • Hair and nail testing.
  • DOT alcohol testing.

ARCpoint Labs understands that some cases have unique factors to consider, and we carefully analyze your unique circumstances to ensure you receive optimal services to help you achieve your goals.

Find Your Solution Today

It’s our goal at ARCpoint Labs to help you identify the best testing methods for your needs. Contact us today to learn even more about the help we can offer.