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Workplace Testing in Austin, TX North

Drug Testing in the Workplace

When you look at statistics, it’s highly possible that your business has hired someone who uses drugs. The 2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, reported that 74.9 percent of all adults engaging in illicit drug use are employed on either a part or full-time basis. In addition, it’s also been reported that the majority of problem alcohol users are employed either part or full-time.

These types of activities can pose risks to the overall well-being and safety of your team. When properly managed, you can offer your employees the level of assurance they need to remain safe and productive, and this ultimately increases your bottom line.

  • Among people under the legal drinking age, alcohol use is the root cause of thousands of fatalities each year. Among the leading causes include:
    • Vehicular accidents
    • Homicide
    • Suicide
    • Alcohol poisoning

Not Sure Where to Turn for Drug and Alcohol Testing Services?

Our facility operates 12 hours daily, seven days per week. We make it our goal to ensure your employees can receive our services at a convenient time. Given our convenient hours, they’re sure to find a time to receive the care they need without having to miss work.

The Many Reasons Employers Drug Test

  • Substance abuse leads to a high turnover rate
  • Instances of workers’ compensation claims and increased insurance premiums more common
  • Higher rate of absences and tardiness
  • Increased risk of accidents on the job
  • Decrease in efficiency and losses in productivity

Of all the resources your business has access to, the most valuable are your employees. Just as you safeguard your machinery and other tools, it’s crucial that you do what you can to ensure the safety of your workforce. The negative impacts of drug and alcohol use can be controlled, and the comprehensive testing plans at ARCpoint Labs can help you achieve just that.

Company Evaluation & Needs Assessment

Every industry is different and has unique drug and alcohol testing needs…

Management Training

Even after your drug and alcohol policy is established, you will need competent managers and supervisors to put it to efficient use . . .

Random Drug Testing

There are a number of rules and regulations when it comes to random drug testing. ARCpoint Labs can ensure you remain in compliance . . .

Drug Policy Creation & Review

Your drug-free workplace policy is an investment that helps prevent potential issues in the future . . .

Post-Accident Drug & Alcohol Testing

To reduce negative results, an efficient and well-established protocol is necessary when accidents occur . . .

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Screening

There is a very specific definition when it comes to reasonable suspicion. Your managers need to understand exactly what this term entails . . .

Drug Policy Implementation

Even the most efficient drug testing policy is useless when it’s not properly utilized . . .

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

It’s likely you have already employed someone who abuses drugs or alcohol . . .

TPA Drug Collection

You’re busy, and the proper utilization of a drug-free workplace policy takes time. A professional third-party administrator (TPA) just makes good business sense . . .

Drug and Alcohol Testing Workplace Solutions

The Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace, an independent, self-sustaining coalition of businesses, business organizations, and individuals dedicated to preserving the rights of employers and employees in substance-abuse prevention programs recommends that every US business adopt a well-designed employee drug testing policy, tailored to their particular circumstances.

A well-designed policy spells out specifically who will be tested and under what circumstances. The Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace lists all of the following as possible populations and circumstances under which you may consider testing your employees:

  • Pre-employment;
  • Safety- or security-sensitive;
  • Post-incident;
  • During rehabilitation;
  • Post-rehabilitation or as part of the return-to-work process;
  • “For cause”;
  • Government-required;
  • Periodic-announced or periodic-unannounced; or,
  • Pre-promotion;
  • Site-specific;
  • Universal random; and/or
  • Client-required

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Absenteeism, high insurance premiums, and accidents are just a few issues plaguing today’s workforce, and drug and alcohol abuse is a primary contributing factor. To reduce your risk, consider implementing a relevant testing program. Contact ARCpoint Labs to learn about the various workplace drug testing solutions available to you.