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Judicial/Legal in Austin, TX North

DNA and Drug & Alcohol Testing for Legal and Judicial Purposes

Accurate lab testing is an essential element when it comes to legal matters such as child custody disputes, divorce proceedings, DUI cases, or pretrial diversion or intervention. ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North partners with attorneys, judges, social workers, and pretrial diversion and intervention officers to provide lab tests for legal purposes. We provide several different lab tests that fulfill court admissibility requirements and can therefore be used for legal and judicial evidence purposes.

Legal Circumstances That Call for Lab Testing

Several different types of incidents and situations necessitate the use of legal testing services. Drug and alcohol testing could be necessary in cases involving the following:

  • Criminal cases
  • Juvenile court proceedings
  • Cases involving mental health issues
  • DUI cases
  • Veterans Treatment Drug Court proceedings

Other types of cases may require DNA testing in addition to drug and alcohol testing. These include:

  • Child custody cases
  • Parental rights to child visitation
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Disputes involving estates or inheritances

Court-Ordered Testing

Judges have the authority to order DNA, drug or alcohol lab testing in a range of circumstances. When it comes to court ordered testing, it is imperative that the tests conducted are reliable and admissible in the courtroom. In order to achieve this reliability, labs must be sure to maintain an exact chain-of-custody protocol.

Family Law

Family law cases can be extremely stressful due to their uncertainty. However, accurate DNA, drug and alcohol testing can help to alleviate much of this stress. By partnering with ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North , one can rest assured that the lab testing of his or her legal case will be presented in a reliable manner.

Mobile & On-site Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North offers mobile testing to provide onsite lab tests at courthouses, social work offices and probation offices. We can perform accurate lab testing when and where you need it.

Court-Admissible DNA Testing

Accurate DNA testing is an essential element of court cases involving paternity, inheritance issues, custody, child support and immigration. ARCpoint Lab’s testing protocols meet the standards of court admissibility to help ease the process of your case.

Drug Court

Drug courts seek to provide an alternative to the criminal justice system for people who have allegedly possessed or used illegal substances. The focus of drug court is on prevention and treatment.


Oftentimes an attorney will order a separate DNA and drug test to use as supporting evidence or to prevent an unwanted surprise during the litigation process.

Pretrial Intervention & Diversion

Typically the criminal justice system diverts first time drug offenders and minor offenders away from traditional punitive methods and instead directs them toward a path that is more focused on prevention and treatment within a drug court program.

Chain of Custody for Legal Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North follows a rigid protocol when it comes to chain-of-custody regulations. All employees receive training regarding the proper procedures for conducting legally admissible tests. Every aspect of our testing process adheres to all necessary standards from specimen collection and sample transportation to laboratory testing and the transmission of the results.

Technology & Capabilities for Unique Legal Testing Situations

Oftentimes the type of legal testing needed is dependent on specifics such as local laws and requirements, the type of law being practiced or other details that are only pertinent to a particular case. ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North is able to tailor our tests to satisfy these different needs. We offer customizable testing options such as:

  • Randomized drug testing for drug court
  • Multiple forms of drug and alcohol testing with wider detection windows such as hair, sweat patch and nail
  • Management software for programs that streamline legal test orders
  • ChildGuard® testing that identifies passive drug exposure or accidental ingestion
  • Custodial records services for caseworks and guardians ad litem
  • Male and female sample collectors for observed collections
  • Mobile, onsite testing or in lab
  • Flexible options when it comes to scheduling testing, such as predetermined drug court schedules and weekend collection of samples

The ARCpoint of Austin, TX North Commitment: Accurate, Reliable, Confidential

At ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North, we stand for Accurate, Reliable, and Confidential legal testing. We deliver this level of service in many key ways:

Accurate Legal Testing Results

When we utilize Point of Care/Collection Tests (POCT), you can count on rapid results. We make sure to use test kits of the highest quality and will confirm any positive results with an additional lab-based test. Our lab is prepared to test for any adulterants. We are highly experienced when it comes to detecting individuals who are attempting to cheat their drug or alcohol testing and prevent them from doing so. Our team also works with Medical Review Officers (MROs) who are trained to identify any false positives within drug tests that are due to legally-prescribed medications.

Reliable and Legally Admissible Test

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North works to provide reliable test results by striving to understand and follow the specifics of different court orders regarding lab tests. We follow a strict chain-of-custody protocol throughout our entire testing process. Our team of collection specialists follow a system of established regulations and maintain a demeanor that is cordial yet professional and appropriate with individuals from whom samples are being collected.

Confidential Results

We maintain confidential records of lab results to guard the privacy of individuals from whom we have collected samples. Our staff works with donors regarding any necessary authorization for releasing their test results depending on the requirements of the program under which they are being tested. We make it a priority to maintain the privacy and integrity of both participants and the programs in which they are taking part.

Get Legal Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Testing

When ARCpoint Labs partners with you or your organization for the purposes of legal lab testing, we strive to function as an extension of your program. We are in a good position to observe your program in order to note any issues or changes within the program or the participants.

Do You Need Legal Testing?

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North to find out how we can meet your legal testing needs.