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Family Law in Austin, TX North

Testing of DNA, Alcohol, and Drugs

Law firms specializing in family law for divorces, estate law, and child welfare can benefit from ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North. This is a company that specializes in court admissible DNA, alcohol and drug testing. We can provide the professional accuracy of a nationwide testing company with the convenience of a local facility. Since we are local, we can work with the legal professional to establish the right DNA, alcohol or drug testing for the case in question.

How We Test

The professionals at ARCPoint Labs of Austin, TX North have the facilities to collect and perform a range of tests. The services offered include:

DNA Paternity Testing

Paternity testing is the one way to confirm a child’s paternity without uncertainty. This is using DNA testing, which is admissible in court when done by a reputable company. This kind of test is painless and used in child support disputes, child custody, and divorces.

DNA Infidelity Testing

Infidelity testing is a type that is often used in divorce proceedings. Generally, this kind of test is helpful when prenuptial agreements require the confirmation of indiscretions.

DNA Relationship Testing

Testing that involves DNA relationship testing is used by estate law attorneys to either substantiate or refute inheritance claims since DNA is an irrefutable type of evidence.

Child Drug Exposure Testing

This type of testing for children is to discover if the child has ingested or experienced passive exposure to drugs. Child drug exposure testing is used in deciding some child custody disputes.

Family Law Custom Testing

Cases differ in family law, and ARCPoint Labs in Austin, TX North has the ability to customize tests to fit the lawyer’s needs. Since cases have different elements, our team can work with the legal professional to determine a program that fits. We can schedule testing to fit the timeframe of the trial and the client’s availability. This testing can include tests for detecting passive exposure or ingestion of drugs by children with hair and nail testing and ChildGuard®.

We have on-site, off-site and mobile collections and can testify in court. ARCPoint Labs in Austin, TX North maintains records, and we can help in family law cases. Contact us and we can determine how we can help provide evidence for your case.

Collection Process Safe and Streamlined

In family law, the cases include sensitive and emotional claims with some involving adults and others including children.

ARCPoint Labs of Austin, TX North follows established, secure, and safe collection environment that ensure court admissible test results and the security of participants. As an example of our testing in paternity cases, we schedule the mother, children and alleged father separately. This can help avoid difficult situations. Another example is alcohol and drug testing; we collect specimens with discretion for confidentiality for the parties involved.

Fitting the law firm’s needs, we can create an expedited test ordering process to fit time constraints. We can initiate testing using an electronic or paper form to fit the client and lawyer’s needs.

If you are a family law attorney with a case that can benefit from DNA, alcohol or drug testing, contact ARCPoint Labs of Austin, TX North. We can work with you to determine custom, confidential testing to fit your case from a reliable company.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.