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Child Support Paternity Testing in Austin, TX North

DNA Testing Is a Priority in Child Support Cases

DNA testing is something that is essential in a variety of cases and proceedings. In fact, such proceedings often rely on test results before a judge can make important decisions. Examples of situations that call for DNA testing include:

  • When an agency of a state seeks to collect child support for public assistance that the mother received for the child.
  • When a man tries to escape child support payments by denying that he is the biological father.
  • Court cases in which the mother seeks to collect child support payments from the other parent.

Testing DNA Can Create Tight Bonds

DNA testing can create tight bonds between the child in question and both of his or her biological parents. Test results usually manifest faster than people expect them to. However, governmental agencies may still want to put the parties through some intricate processes to ensure that everyone receives that to which they are entitled. They want to use sophisticated processes so that they can use the test results in the courtroom for their cause.

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North can perform testing that is elaborate and precise enough to go through a court of law while still being non-invasive and easy on the parents. Technicians who perform the testing are certified and experienced in what they do. They notate the entire procedure from the beginning to the end and conduct every step in a way that produces near-perfect results.

Safe and Secure DNA Testing for Prenatal Paternity

Mothers and alleged fathers used to have to wait nine long months before they could take paternity tests because of the dangers of miscarriage after conducting prenatal DNA tests. The only types of testing that were available were types that could increase the chance of miscarriage drastically. Technology has since advanced, and ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North is proud to be a company that can provide non-invasive prenatal testing.

The prenatal DNA testing that ARCpoint Labs conducts is safe and convenient for everyone. Additionally, it’s 99 percent accurate. The specialists take a sample from the alleged father’s cheek and then examine it next to the DNA from the mother’s blood. Amazingly, this procedure produces highly accurate results.

Discreet and Legally Admissable DNA Testing by ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North

If you want a reliable and accurate test that you can use in a court of law, you can count on us to provide what you need. We serve many families in the area, and our specialists always provide fast and high-quality results.

You can schedule your appointment for reliable, precise and confidential testing today.

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