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Custody DNA Testing in Austin, TX North

DNA Paternity Testing in Child Custody Cases

Personal animosity and emotions often make child custody cases unpleasant. Parents, relatives and grandparents often have very different opinions. The children are inevitably caught in the middle.

When there is a dispute regarding child custody in court proceedings or cases handled by child protective agencies, establishing the child’s true paternity can pose issues. Painful tug-of-wars can be ended by using reliable DNA testing to settle any disputes.

Sensitivity And Care Are Required For Child Custody Disputes

Paternity issues in the dispute of a child’s custody can have serious and devastating consequences for everyone involved. The utmost care must be taken with these issues. Parents, lawyers and other individuals involved must be considerate regarding the lifelong effects and potential heartache certain reported results can have on parents, children, relationships and extended family. When the decision to use paternity testing in the custody case of a child is made, ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North offers accurate and confidential results that are reliable and admissible in court.

DNA Testing Can Make Determinations Clear

When a DNA paternity test is administered properly, it can decisively and accurately determine the exact relationship between alleged parents, children and additional relatives. State agencies and courts require test results to be verifiable and reliable before they can be considered in the determination of a case.  

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North has proven and standardized protocols for DNA paternity testing. These methods assure reliability, accuracy and confidentiality. Issues of paternity can be settled with reliable test results, and this helps agency officers, judges, guardians and attorneys resolve child custody issues, visitation and parental responsibilities.

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