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Immigration DNA Testing in Austin, TX North

Accurate DNA Testing for Immigration

A DNA test is a crucial aspect of the immigration process because it establishes a relationship between the beneficiary and the petitioner if there is no sufficient evidence for the United States Embassy or USCIS to confirm the relationship. Using sophisticated DNA testing methodology, it is possible to establish the relationship between two individuals in the case of parents, siblings, and grandparents. These are quite helpful distinctions during the process of approving immigration.

The United States government requires that all immigration DNA testing be performed by an AABB accredited lab and that all results and analysis come from the same lab. ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North complies with all government mandates concerning immigration DNA testing.

A Consular Officer can request a DNA test from applicants for a visa if the validity of the relationship needs to be confirmed. This testing is completely voluntary and comes at the cost of the applicant. Applicants must pay all testing expenses in advance, and ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North does not guarantee that our DNA testing services will result in the issuance of a visa.

DNA Testing Service Requirements for Immigration Purposes

In some cases, the documents that would typically prove biological relationships between family members are lost or destroyed, making the standard immigration process nearly impossible. DNA testing is a viable alternative, but certain pieces of information are required to perform a DNA test to prove relationships for immigration purposes. These include:

  • Valid payment method
  • All contact information
  • Names of tested individuals
  • Postal or email address for results delivery
  • Supplemental government paperwork

ARCpoint Labs in Austin, TX North follows the standard procedures for ensuring that DNA tests performed through the lab will be accepted by the USCIS for approval. We work to coordinate the process of immigration DNA testing regardless of the location of the relative in question.

Standard DNA Test Varieties

There are several typical DNA tests used to determine relationships for immigration cases, and those are:

  • Paternity DNA – Attempts to verify father/child relationships
  • Maternity DNA – Attempts to verify mother/child relationships
  • Kinship DNA – Attempts to verify biological relationships of any sort (i.e. uncle/child or grandparent/child)

If you require a trusted supplier of immigration DNA testing services, contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North for more information.

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