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Court-Ordered Testing in Austin, TX North

Judicial Testing

Courts and certain related agencies order or request alcohol or drug testing quite often for people under the jurisdiction of the court or individual litigants. These tests can significantly impact the evidence in judicial proceedings. For this reason, the utmost confidentiality, reliability and accuracy is required.

Due to the sensitivity and well-being of the people involved, respect and great care are required during every step in the process. From the initial test administration to the final reporting of the test results, ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North handles every court ordered drug test with confidentiality and reliability.

The Uses of Court Ordered Testing

Court ordered alcohol or drug tests are often used for the following matters:

  • Child custody or testing
  • Alcohol or drug monitoring
  • Environmental residue testing
  • The identification of unknown substances
  • Random test management

Drug Court

A drug court relies on drug tests that have been administered properly to ensure the correct enforcement and compliance is achieved. These test results often determine if jail time will be involved.

Court Mandated Monitoring and Testing

Numerous situations including visitation privileges, child custody and driving privileges depend on court ordered alcohol and drug testing that are reliable through ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North.

Passive Exposure And Child Testing

The life of a child can be saved from the effects of an adult’s production and use with a court ordered drug test.

Child Custody

When allegations are made by the parents in a custody case, the courts may use alcohol and drug testing to keep the children safe and find the truth.

Environmental Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North provides testing for dangerous contaminations caused by drug residue when illegal drugs or methamphetamine are manufactured.

EtG/EtS Urine Alcohol Testing

The EtG/EtS Urine Alcohol Testing provided by ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North extends the window by determining if an individual has been drinking for a long period of time after the alcohol has metabolized and is no longer able to be measured.

EtG Hair Tests

An EtG hair test is yet another tool used by ARCpoint Lab’s of Austin, TX North. The professionals can monitor long term alcohol abuse and usage.

Choosing ARCpoint of Austin, TX North for Drug Tests Ordered by the Courts

Choose ARCpoint of Austin, TX North to gain a reliable partner in the performance of all court ordered drug tests to ensure:

  • A proper collection of samples to protect against tampering
  • A proper identification of the individual being tested to stop falsification
  • Respectful and kind treatment of donors

Learn More About Our Testing Services

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