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Child Custody in Austin, TX North

ARCpoint Labs: Offering Services In Drug And Alcohol Testing In Austin, TX North

Child adoption is a beautiful thing. Giving children the gift of a loving start in life is a joy in itself and is something every child in the foster home system is looking for. A lot of the children who are taken to foster homes come from broken families and have a lot of trauma associated with their past. The hope of a nurturing life in the future with their new adoptive parents is important as it shapes their personality and determines what kind of people they grow up to be. However, it isn’t the children, but the system itself, that needs to ensure that adoptive parents have a good background. Even when it comes to custody battles, ensuring that the child is in a safe environment is a must for their development.

Drug Monitoring for Custody Cases

Drug and excessive alcohol use often lead to domestic abuse in the home. These can be cold conditions for the kids growing up in these conditions, and can also affect the ruling decisions during custody battles. ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North is one of the top contenders when it comes to drug and alcohol testing, especially in the case of adoption and child custody battles. Our lab has worked with numerous child services workers and judicial systems to provide accurate results which serve as evidence of whether or not a person is fit to be a parent. All the tests conducted by our labs are completely confidential and are given to their clients in a prompt manner.

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