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Court-Mandated in Austin, TX North

Court-Mandated Drug Tests

Alcohol, DNA and drug tests are vital to court proceedings with many cases hinging upon their verifiable accuracy. Besides the ubiquitous DUI case, there are other cases which benefit from testing, particularly cases involving families and minors such as:

  • Child custody
  • Domestic violence cases
  • Divorce cases

Situations involving visitation rights, adoption and foster care, can also rely on testing. Types of testing mandated for these instances include analysis of hair, saliva and urine as well as sweat patch and fingernail tests, all of which ascertain alcohol or substance abuse. DNA testing to prove parental lineage is another common, court-mandated type of testing.

As an attorney, or legal professional, you may be surprised to learn ARCpoint labs of Austin, TX North provides affordable, court-ordered testing of all types. Relying on our step-by-step, professional methodology, you can receive the accurate, reliable results which can help ensure speedy and proper legal decisions. Trust ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North to be a vital component of your legal team, remaining with you throughout the process. We’re right here with you from the initial test order all the way through to the monitoring process as ruled necessary by the court.

The Types of Tests Most Ordered by the Court

  • Urine screening & Saliva Testing— provides a recent window of drug or alcohol use
  • Hair drug testing — provides a 90-day window of substance use
  • DNA tests (a legal paternity test) — can determine maternity or paternity of any child in custody or family disputes
  • Sweat patch
  • Fingernail

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