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Drug Court in Austin, TX North

Drug Court Testing & Monitoring

As drugs started to become a real issue to the American security and law enforcement system, agents saw the need to establish “drug courts,” in 1989. Enforcers knew the reality of drug use and wanted to reduce or completely avoid jail time by utilizing these drug courts to provide chances of redemption to alcohol and drug addicts.

People charged with drug-related offenses get the chance of reducing their sentences or, in the case of something minimal, completely avoid the charges against them. In return, they participate in programs that treat drug and alcohol abuse.

Not everyone is worthy of the alternative, though. The offenders appear in court, and the judges and attorneys discuss whether or not the individual deserves the chance of participating in the program. It all depends on the willingness of the offender as well. The judges and analyzers will then group together to help these individuals achieve sobriety and free themselves from the addiction. It is a chance for rehabilitation with professional assistance.

Progress is continually measured by the team of analysts. The better the results, the more benefits the offender will get from freeing themselves from drug or alcohol use.

ACRpoint Labs of Austin, TX North is a popular option for rehabilitation. There have been many successful attempts in the group’s history as they have been assisting young users through the drug courts for more than twenty years now.

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North’s first successful partnership with the drug courts happened twenty-two years ago when they had just started implementing their rehabilitation methods, and many improvements have been made over the years.

With a staff of many professionals and specialists, hundreds go to ACRpoint Labs to participate in the program and recover from their addictions.

Our team is also constantly helping them improve, and no one has to go through the process of rehabilitation alone.

We understand that the trajectory that led offenders to this destination is not always their fault, and many drug offenders that go through their treatment are thankful for the chance that was provided to them.

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North – Working with Drug Courts for Over 20 Years

The drug courts that the ACRpoint Labs of Austin, TX North program supports are as follows:

  • Family Drug Court
  • Veterans Treatment Court
  • Federal Drug Court
  • Adult or Juvenile Drug Court
  • Tribal Healing to Wellness Court
  • DUI Court

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North is here to help. Contact us directly if our training methods and professional staff are required for a drug court.

Most Ordered Tests

Fingernail — This is the test that yields the results that have the longest-term analysis

DNA tests (a legal paternity test) —determine maternity and paternity

Hair drug testing — Much longer time frame testing than other methods, this test provides information of more than two months ago

Urine Screening & Saliva Testing — The tests provide a sample of recent use of drugs or other substances

Sweat patch — In case a full motorization of 24/7 is required, this is the test that is ordered the most

EtG/EtS Urine Alcohol Testing — The only way to notice if the user drank alcohol if the alcohol has already evaporated from the user’s body

Environmental Testing — When drugs are consumed, some residues can remain in the body for some time, and this test locates and identifies them

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