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EtG Hair Testing in Austin, TX North

EtG Hair Alcohol Tests

Our lab provides full service for Third Party Providers (TPP) of EtG/EtS alcohol tests. If your business requires the detection of long term alcohol use for a lawyer needing alcohol testing for the defense of a client or a potential case of substance abuse affecting the welfare of a child being investigated by a social services worker, this is a type of alcohol testing that will prove quite useful.


Long term alcohol use can be monitored with a hair EtG analysis from ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North.

Recent alcohol use can be determined by hair testing for EtG metabolites. This method of hair screening is extremely sensitive and detects the consumption of alcohol for months after use. Our labs use this unique method to test for alcohol on-site for both individuals and businesses.

The Way Hair Alcohol Testing Works

EtG and EtS are produced by the body when there is alcohol in the bloodstream. A sample of hair is analyzed to find the EtG markers that have been absorbed into the structure of the hair.

The time frame for an EtG hair follicle alcohol test is approximately thirty days for a half an inch hair strand. The general consideration by our lab for a very effective sample collection is a 3.9 cm of hair for a EtG alcohol drug hair test. Contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North for more information about testing for EtG hair alcohol tests, results and collections.


The Amount Of Hair Required For An Alcohol Hair Test

Human hair grows at a rate of half an inch or 1.5 cm’s each month. The standard hair follicle EtG screen from ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North requires a piece of hair 40 mg’s or forty to seventy strands.

Testing for confirmation requires more hair depending on which laboratory the sample is sent to. The required amount is the width of a Sharpie marker, and 100 to 250 mg’s of hair is required. Instead of removing the hair from one area, four or five samples are taken. Most individuals are unable to see any missing hair.

The Extended History of Alcohol Used is Shown with EtG Hair Alcohol Testing. This Includes:

  • Employment Screening
  • Custody Cases
  • Provides proof for a liver transplant

Receive More Information Regarding Our Testing Services

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North offers hair alcohol tests by qualified technicians. Call ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North for more information on EtG hair alcohol testing.