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Passive Exposure in Austin, TX North

Passive Exposure & Environmental Testing

Structural problems and vermin aren’t the only problems home-buyers need to be wary of. It may shock potential home-buyers to realize it, but homes that have been used to create illegal pharmaceuticals can be found in every US region. In the last half-decade, more than 11,000 methamphetamine labs were reported by the DEA.

Home-buyers should know that homes used for the creation of illegal pharmaceuticals aren’t just dangerously toxic but also remain so for at least a decade. Fortunately, environmental testing is available through ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North. Results are court-admissible, and the testing is speedy, cost-effective, and will not damage property.

Because passive exposure to the residue left at illegal methamphetamine labs is particularly dangerous to children, it’s imperative to know if a home was once used as a drug lab.

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Anyone concerned about a passive exposure risk to a minor can learn more about our passive exposure drug testing capabilities at our nearest location.