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Pretrial Intervention & Diversion in Austin, TX North

Drug & Alcohol Tests for Pretrial Intervention & Diversion

Pretrial programs are used to ensure that anyone who has issues with drugs or alcohol may go into a safe program. The program will help keep them sober, and there is testing done to ensure that these people remain true to the program.

Pretrial programs do not see inmates incarcerated in many instances. They are simply required to submit to tests to ensure that they are sober, and their test results will be sent back to the court.

The rate of people who are in prison today is growing, and there are many who wish to lower these numbers. The pretrial program is designed to keep people out of jail.

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North is here to help if you are a program director who has quite a lot to cover. We will complete all your tests in an accurate manner, and you receive tests that you know have been completed by a professional. Tests are all guaranteed secure.

Types of Drug & Alcohol Tests that We Perform for Your Pretrial Diversion Program

There are many tests that you may use when you are running your pretrial program, and we want you to have a selection of tests that will help you most efficiently serve the community. We offer more than enough tests to keep your community safe, and we can perform any of the following tests:

  • Marijuana, heroin, cocaine and many other addictive drugs
  • Synthetic tests that will check for unnatural chemicals
  • Skin patch, nail, hair and other tests that are simple to collect
  • Date rape drug tests for victims
  • Tests for many new drugs that have come up on the market
  • Detection of passive drug exposure

Ensuring Accuracy for Your Pretrial Program

Accurate testing ensures that you are given the correct result the first time. We work hard to provide you the results and tests you need for each circumstance.

Specialists in our office know how to collect all our samples, and we will ensure that they are taken care of properly.

ARCPoint Labs offers the following benefits:

  • Every collector is a trained professional who knows how to collect each sample properly.
  • Identification of cheating that may take place around the test
  • All collections are performed by a professional staff.
  • Tests are performed as quickly as possible to ensure there is no time wasted.
  • The lab will send out results for all positive tests.
  • We keep the tests as simple as possible.
  • Professional services for all

We encourage you to make ARCPoint Labs of Austin, TX Northyour approved testing vendor, and we will work with you to ensure that our partnership is good for you and our community.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.