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Child Support Paternity Testing in Austin, TX North

DNA Paternity Testing Can Help You Win Your Child Support Case

For men fighting demands for child support, a DNA test can mean the difference between winning and losing in court. This type of testing has also helped these to become easier decisions to make by removing the guesswork of deciding whether or not the man is the child’s father. Results showing the man is the father will most likely obligate him to pay child support, but negative results leave him off the hook.

Save Yourself Time, Money and Worry by Making Sure Your Paternity Test Results Can Be Used in Court

While favorable DNA test results may give you a leg up in your case for child support, they do no good unless the court will accept them. Unless certain guidelines are followed, DNA evidence is not valid in the courts. To save time, money and, potentially, your case, make sure the testing service you use will meet the requirements of the organization you are working for.

Common issues in child support cases that rely on DNA evidence to make a determination include:

  • Cases of mothers seeking child support from the alleged father;
  • Cases of state agencies seeks child support from the alleged father of a child on public assistance; and
  • Cases of men denying their paternity and, therefore, responsibilities toward a child.

DNA Testing Establishes Biological Relationships

The best way to confirm or discount claims that a man is a child’s father is through paternity DNA testing. The only way these findings will be considered valid in court is if certain guidelines are followed. ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North’s  employees and technicians are trained to make sure these requirements are met and you don’t waste time and money on a test result that can’t help you in court.

Call ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North Before You Submit to an Informal Paternity DNA Test that Can’t Be Used to Help You

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