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Custody DNA Testing in Austin, TX North

DNA and Child Custody Cases

There are many parties to consider in child custody cases, but none are are more important than the children. The stress of having warring parents can leave them caught in the crossfire. Science can help resolve these issues clearly through DNA testing and analysis.

Child custody laws vary by state, but all have the child’s best interest at the center of their policies. In these laws, the role of a parent is often defined as a combination of a past parental role a biological relationship. When paternal relationships are in question, the difference between whether or not visitation rights are granted can be a DNA test, especially in states where biological proof of parentage carries more weight.


DNA Doesn’t Lie

Mothers have a powerful role in their ability to place claims of paternity or non-paternity on men. While this is often thought of from the perspective of pursuing support from a child’s father, it can also put an active father’s custody rights in jeopardy if, for some reason, the mother claims non-paternity. While people sometimes lie, DNA does not. A test of the mother, child and father, or of the child and father alone, can reveal completely accurate results and help settle these types of disputes.


Correcting False Paternity

In cases where a mother knows there is a chance the man who claims to be the father of her child may not be, a paternity test can resolve claims of potential false paternity. This can be especially helpful if she fears the man claiming to be the father is not a suitable parent.

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