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Inheritance & Estate DNA Testing in Austin, TX North

Using DNA Testing to Establish Rights to Inherit

Blood relationships are the main focus of state inheritance laws. When a person dies without leaving a will, these laws decide who inherits from their estate. Aunts, uncles, blood-related children and siblings, in addition to spouses, fall under the area of qualified individuals under most of these laws.

DNA Testing to Settle Estates in the News

In 2016, a perfect illustration of this issue was in the public eye. Over 700 people claimed to be related to the music artist Prince after the man with no known children and no wife died unexpectedly. The judge’s solution to resolve the issue was to order DNA testing on all of those stating they were related to him.

DNA Testing Settles the Question Clearly and Finally

While you may not be as well known or well off as Prince was, if you or your child has a possible claim to estate inheritance, you may choose to undergo DNA testing to confirm the biological facts. Since each person’s DNA is unique, DNA testing technology identifies the existence of a biological family relationships and this evidence can be used to prove several different family relationships including whether someone is an aunt, father, sister, mother, brother, uncle or cousin to another person.


Other Cases Where DNA Testing May Help

Proving biological family relationships may also be required in claims for:

  • Assuming estates, property and trusts
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Life insurance beneficiaries or other “upon-death” arrangements
  • Social Security benefits
  • Other issues of inheritance/estates entrusted to family members

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