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Deceased DNA Matching in Austin, TX North

Use DNA Matching to Unlock Benefits

The DNA of someone who has passed away can be helpful in many situations, including in health mysteries and instances of “intestate,” deaths (where a deceased person did not leave a will). In these cases, state laws handle the division of the person’s assets, and priority is often given to legal spouses and biological children first; then siblings; then nieces and nephews; then more distant cousins; etc. Since DNA testing and analysis can tell the difference between direct, biological children, siblings, and with lesser certainty, more extended familial relationships such as nieces, nephews and cousins, making these types of choices is a much easier task for courts with this information.


Did You Know:

  • Swabbing a Q-tip inside each cheek and allowing them to air dry before sealing them in a paper bag is a simple way to collect a DNA sample.
  • In many states, there are no laws about collecting DNA samples from the deceased. This leaves the choice largely up to the individual estate representatives.  
  • Since the best time to collect samples from a deceased person is soon after death, attorneys are starting to advise funeral homes to inform family members of this during the counseling process.
  • “Touch DNA” may be collected from a person’s belongings, but this process is expensive and less reliable than directly obtaining a sample.
  • Relationships can be established without the DNA sample of a deceased individual if several blood relatives are compared. However, this comes with lower certainty.

Unlocking Health Mysteries with DNA Testing

If you would like to leave a legacy that could help your family for generations to come, leaving a DNA sample is a good way to do that. Your sample could answer their questions about hereditary medical traits and/or relationships between family members. Arrangements can be made with an attorney in the form of a will or other document to inform loved ones and funeral home staff of your wishes, how you would like them to be carried out, and why. This is a simple collection that can be worked into the preparation for burial or cremation very easily, yet it can leave a large impact.

For loved ones making arrangements for a recently deceased family member, many funeral homes will suggest this as an option, and the living can easily add it to the body preparation process as well.

Without these preparations, a new development in DNA technology may be the next best solution because it can identify an individual with fewer than ten skin cells collected off an item that person handled, even if others had handled it as well. This is called “touch DNA”.


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