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Infidelity DNA Testing in Austin, TX North

Using DNA Testing to Prove Infidelity

A positive finding from a DNA test of personal and even intimate objects such as sheets, toothbrushes, pajamas or underwear can be very strong evidence in support of a claim of infidelity. Private investigators will often recommend this to clients as they seek to prove their claims.

These results can greatly impact the results of a divorce proceeding. While most states do not require courts to demand evidence of legal “fault” before granting a divorce, as in years past, proof of infidelity can impact which parent is granted custody of children and how much visitation the other gets, whether or not alimony is given and how the couple’s assets are distributed.


Formal Forensically Reliable DNA Testing Increases Certainty of Outcomes

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North  offers accurate, reliable and confidential, forensically sound DNA testing for infidelity. Our highly trained personnel ensure a valid and reliable testing process of items including trash, bedding, undergarments and more. If these samples are not collected and documents by trained staff, many courts will not accept them as evidence.

In addition to individuals, attorneys and private investigators routinely rely on legally admissible, forensically sound, DNA testing providers. They know the potential risks and complications that home based tests present. Having results from a professional lab eliminates these risks. Greater confidence in the results of testing, whatever they reveal, can provide peace of mind and final closure in a difficult relationship matter.

Discretion is the Better Part of Valor

Sensitive issues, such as the emotions surrounding infidelity, should be dealt with in the most compassionate way. ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North’s protocols not only insure accurate, reliable test results, but also absolute confidentiality in the recording, maintenance and dissemination of information and documentation of test results.

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