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Child Custody in Austin, TX North

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North works with judicial systems to provide accurate, reliable and confidential drug and alcohol testing. We offer many drug and alcohol testing options, as well as tools that can monitor for recent substance abuse or 24/7 monitoring.. You can choose the test you need depending on how quickly you need results (instant or lab based) and the time frame you need to determine drug use (window of detection).

In many cases, these tests help determine what is in the best interest of a child. Figuring out if a parent is using drugs and/or alcohol or if the child is living in a drug environment can be factors in child custody hearings. Keeping children safe is a top priority for all involved in the case — including attorneys, judges and those who conduct drug tests.

Security Begins at Home

Impaired caregivers are only one that can affect a child’s safety at home.

Children can be harmed by passive exposure to illegal drugs and toxic substances used in drug production, leading to a variety of physical, psychological and emotional impairments. Passive exposure testing offers an unbiased evaluation of a child’s environment and can help guide court decisions regarding child abuse and child welfare issues.

Family Relationship Testing

When questions of paternity, sibling and other DNA arise, ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North offers a full range of DNA testing services and can schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation with one of our DNA specialists. Don’t let confusion impair family relationships.

Having professional knowledge and helpful advice can assist you in deciding which testing options are best for you. In child and family-related manners, ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North’s commitment to providing timely and accurate test results can alleviate stress in family situations that require court intervention.

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North offers a wide variety of testing solutions that keep your family safe and informed.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.