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Passive Exposure in Austin, TX North

Passive Exposure Environmental Testing

Did you know?

  • Meth itself may not be the biggest danger in a house where the drug is manufactured because chemical residue in improper waste disposal, ventilation systems and contaminated food can result in health problems ranging from headaches to skin irritation and serious burns.
  • More than 30 chemicals are used in methamphetamine production. Carcinogens, one type of chemical used in the drug, are made for paint removal and use as insecticides.
  • Meth lab clean-up laws vary by state and chemical residues can last long after drug manufacturing ends.

Reliable Testing for Hidden Dangers

Every precaution should be taken to ensure the environment is safe when a child’s welfare is involved and reliable testing can confirm or refute whether a home is actually safe to live in. Passive exposure drug testing allows social workers and legal officials to investigate a child’s environment to ensure that it is drug-free.

Passive exposure drug testing results indicate indirect exposure to a drug. The results can show experiences of one or more of the following situations:

  • Contact with drug smoke
  • Contact with the physical substance
  • Passive inhalation of smoke
  • Accidental or intentional ingestion of the drug in question

Legal officials turn to passive exposure testing to determine a child’s safety or the presence of drugs in his or her environment.

Toxins You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Children exposed to chemical residue from drug production may suffer from n matters of child abuse and child welfare, having as much information as possible is crucial. Reliable environment testing offers an unbiased evaluation of the passive exposure dangers present in a child’s environment. Identifying these hazards can prevent children from experiencing the effects of passive drug exposure, including breathing problems, stunted growth, sleeping disorders and other impairments.


If you need to conduct a passive exposure drug test, contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North. Our protocols ensure accuracy of all court-admissible test results.

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