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Methadone Testing in Austin, TX North

Methadone: Sometimes Helpful, Sometimes Harmful

Did you know?

  • Methadone was originally called Dolophine, now called methadone, was created during WWII as a painkiller substitute because morphine was scarce in Germany.
  • Methadone is dangerous when used in conjunction with depressants that affect the central nervous system, especially placidyl, valium, and large amounts of alcohol.
  • Liquid and pill form methadone contain different buffers that hold them together, but they are equally effective in combating addiction.

Like heroin, methadone affects the central nervous system and creates copycat effects, including an overall sense of well-being, drowsiness and euphoria. It is a synthetic substance with pharmacological properties similar to morphine and heroin. Taking in methadone over a long period of time can easily lead to addiction and/or dependency. Methadone has recently become popular in the treatment of narcotic addiction. It is often prescribed for patients with severe pain after serious injury or major surgery.

The long lasting effects of methadone, up to 24 hours, allows for administration typically once a day and is of great benefit for heroin detoxification and maintenance situations. The hazard in this approach is the risk that those who are able to finally get off of heroin can become addicted to methadone. Different opiate variants that are used to assist in breaking the habit can easily lead to a painful and vicious circle of addiction, if not properly monitored.

Methadone Testing in the 10-Panel Test

After an absorbent collection device is placed in the mouth, the saliva collected is screened. Samples are checked to verify the saliva is human and undiluted. Contact ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North today to schedule a confidential appointment.

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