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Social Services in Austin, TX North

Proactive Testing Before Social Services

If you are facing financial and social challenges and need a hand up in the form of social welfare, disability or housing benefits, you are also accountable for remaining drug free. Many Social Services Departments may require you to undergo drug or alcohol testing in order to qualify for benefits or to maintain your benefits.

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises if the social services agency you are working with requires you to test on short notice, you may want to arrange a test at your own expense. Or, you may simply want to be proactive and show your qualification.

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North follow protocols mandated by the Department of Transportation for all of our drug testing services. Depending upon the state, our technology allows us to provide “negative” or “non-negative” results often within minutes through urine testing and our trained collectors can also collect for hair, nail and sweat patch drug testing if more extensive evaluations are needed. In addition, we can perform testing either at our facility or on-site.

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Be proactive with ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North.