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Nail in Austin, TX North

Fingernail & Toenail Testing

The testing of fingernail (or toenails) is similar to hair strand drug testing, as both are composed of the protein keratin. Each person’s nails grow out of a nail bed that is connected to the body’s blood flow.

Drugs are deposited into nails from the bloodstream and remain locked in the nail as it grows. Thus, the nail bed and clippings will carry will carry traces of any abused substances.


Why choose nail testing over hair testing?

If you’re debating between a fingernail or hair drug test, here are some advantages to fingernail testing:

  • A wider window into possible drug use is provided through nail testing. These tests have the potential to detect traces of ingested drugs ingested within the past six to eight months.
  • While hair collection is not always possible, nail clippings are constantly available.
  • Falsifying this test is not possible. Nail polish or other attempts cannot mask what lies within the nail beds.

ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North provides reliable, accurate and confidential fingernail or toenail drug testing.

How We Collect for Fingernail Testing

Here is how we collect specimens for fingernail or toenail drug testing:

  • Clip or shave the nail for testing.
  • Clean the nail well with a chemical solution.
  • Liquefy and test the nail.

We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns prior to your test to ensure a nail test is the right option. Fingernail/toenail testing is just one of ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North accurate and professional testing options.

Schedule a fingernail drug test at ARCpoint Labs of Austin, TX North.

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